Time to Start Planning Your Summer Adventure


Time to Start Planning Your Summer Adventure

As of Sunday, April 16, ski season in Sun Valley has officially ended (but there’s still one more bonus weekend of it left!), and summer is well on its way.

With the end of ski season (almost), that means that it’s time to start planning your summer adventure in Sun Valley.

Despite the summer activity opportunities being just about endless, Sun Valley is known mainly as a winter recreation destination.

That’s a good thing for adventurers who are really in the know.

Because they know that Sun Valley is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise year-round, and the fun doesn’t stop once ski season draws to a close.

No, sir.

Rather,┬áthe warm season yields itself to a whole new class of outdoor activities from hiking, to mountain biking, to whitewater rafting, to fishing, to golf, to paragliding, to skeet shooting, to…

You get the point.

Our status as a well-kept secret to the summer crowd is one that you can take full advantage of.

Join the crowd of savvy travelers, and put the “Sun” in Sun Valley with a summer escape.